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The beginning

A mini cooper for transport, a marquee in a field with no kitchen, 3 weeks notice and 250 very hungry guests are the overriding memories of our first catering event.

It turned out to be a fantastic day in the sun, once we had cleared down and loaded up the mini (four month old son in tow) and driven away we realised that we had food and ideas that people liked and enjoyed.

The mini has, unfortunately gone, but our love of food, our creative spirit, sense of adventure, honesty in approach and ability to find humour in adversity still remain.

Med kitchen events

After years spent in hot kitchens and late nights running our restaurants we decided to go out and explore and see what was happening in the world. So we took to the road and now focus on festivals, events, weddings and corporate parties. 

The med kitchen is about great food, passionate people and relaxed service with a smile.

This world has its own challenges and a busy kitchen is always hot, even in a field, but it is also a world that allows us to enjoy our core values. Our food is inspired by the Mediterranean which means fresh, locally sourced ingredients cooked with care, in front of our customers.