From April to December we are on the road travelling to some of the best events in the UK. If there is a large number of people, at an interesting festival or event, then we aim to be there. Our front of house team enjoy the hustle and bustle of the festival, as well as meeting and serving the audience.

The crew team feed and water those brave souls who are behind the scenes keeping everything together while those working backstage have time to bathe in the reflected glamour of the performers.

A speciality food stall at a food fair, crew and artist food at Glastonbury, a restaurant in a field or breakfast at a local ploughing match are all part of our diverse and eclectic offer presented in the following ways:

The Med Kitchen 

We take meat sourced locally to our New Forest home, marinade (using Grandma’s secret recipe of course!)     for many, many hours and then light the wood for the fires on our BBQ’s. We start to cook over the coals, roast the veg and halloumi while the baker makes the flat breads on the open oven.

Our customer choose their salads, toppings and sauces. We all have a chat about this and that and then part, with a smile, as friends. This is the Med Kitchen.

The Burger Kitchen

Hand made in the New Forest by V. Price our butcher, using moor and grass fed beef.

We enjoy our burgers in a simple, no fuss kind of way, but we really love them when we get a chance to dress them up and show them off. From a simple cheese burger with a dash of sauce, to a raclette burger with melted cheese (melted cheese in a field who does that!) to the full works with a list of ingredients to make you stop and stare. Our burgers taste great, look sharp, have an attitude all of their own and most of all are big, messy and deliciously fun to eat.

The Pizza Kitchen

The Pizza Kitchen use's up to 3 wood fired ovens at a time to produce freshly made, quickly produced, stone baked pizza and flavoured breads.

We have a set menu for ease but also allow customers to make up their own pizzas if they prefer, so the ultimate in choice. Alongside the ovens we also have our antipasti bar that allows customers to choose their own salads to go with their meal or create a meal from the salad bar.

The Fish Market

The Fish Market has been selling traditional fish and chips since 1972, and we have succeeded by following the old fisherman's thoughts that “ to be successful at sea we must keep things simple.”

We pride ourselves on using simply great, fresh ingredients, cooked to order and served with care and of course a smile!

The Coffee House

Born from our obsessive love of great coffee, The Coffee House serves great tasting coffee, tea and hot chocolate in a field. Throw in tasty teatimes treats and churros and it is the only choice for a pit stop.

The Thai Kitchen

Authentic ingredients and a cooking style learnt from a fine traditional chef give our Jungle Green Curry and Pad Thai the flavours you want and expect from these wonderfully aromatic dishes. Add your own toppings, chillis and sauces to suit your taste so that we are the only ones who get too hot in the kitchen.

The Mexican Cantina

The Cantina brings colour with great flavour, freshness with a little bit of spice. Burritos, homemade chilli, our guacamole and sauces create great, modern fast food for any field.

The Smokehouse Kitchen

Hot smoked meats from Hampshire and Dorset marinated and finished in our black kettle smoker. Served with our bakers bread, salads, home made sauces and chutneys. A lovely spectacle that produces the most amazing flavours.

The Crew Kitchen

Giant pots and pans full of steaming hot food, being cooked in front of you ensure to keep the real workers replenished, happy and content.